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Rainbow Counting Bears Playset 彩色數數小熊幼兒遊戲套裝

Rainbow Counting Bears Playset 彩色數數小熊幼兒遊戲套裝

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Rainbow Counting Bears Playset 彩色數數小熊幼兒遊戲套裝

遊戲套裝包括 30 隻重3克的小熊 和 30 隻重6克的大熊、11 個遊戲活動卡、6 個杯子、2 個骰子、1 個鑷子、1 個儲物容器
數量加減 重量平衡、顏色識別、分類能力和手眼協調能力只是您孩子將學習的部分技能!

This Game set includes 30 small bears (weight: 3g)  and 30 big bears (weight: 6g), 11pcs activity guides, 6 cups, 2 dice,1 tweezers,1 storage container
Math skills, color recognition, sorting abilities, and hand-eye coordination are just some of the skills your child will be learning!
Learning fun through cards and dice activities such as Find the rules, Color Recognition, Additive train, Numbers Train etc...

Rainbow Counting Bears Playset (Green Set) 彩色數數小熊幼兒遊戲套裝 (綠盒)

遊戲套裝包括60隻小熊 (6款顏色)、11個遊戲活動卡、6個小杯、2個骰子、1個鑷子、1個儲物容器

This game set includes 60 bears in 6 colours, 2 dice, 11 double-sided cards, 6 silicone cups, 1 tweezers, 1 storage container

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