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Rory's Story Cubes 故事小Q 故事骰

Rory's Story Cubes 故事小Q 故事骰

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Rory's Story Cubes 故事小Q 故事骰

Tell your story!

Rory’s Story Cubes is a game to discover with family or friends. In turn, each player becomes the Narrator.

Throw the dice, and create a story starting with “Once upon a time…” using the nine symbols on the faces of the dice. Then, follow your imagination!

Some tips to help you

To create your story, you can use three dice for the setup, three for the story development, and three for the conclusion.

If you’re short on ideas, think of your favourite film, book, or TV show. What could happen to your favourite characters in another time or place?

You’re free to interpret the symbols. They can represent different things for everyone, and the first idea you have is often the right one.

If you have more than one box of Rory’s Story Cubes, mix all the dice up to give a new dimension to your stories!

If you’re nervous, just go for it. There are no bad interpretations, and there’s no such thing as a bad story. Beyond being a game, Rory’s Story Cubes is an experience, a shared moment with your loved ones!

Other ways to play

Play Rory’s Story Cubes with your children, listen to their imaginative stories and watch their eyes sparkle.
Tell them your own stories!

Give each other challenges: Who can tell the scariest or funniest story?

Rory’s Story Cubes is a game to discover languages, develop concentration skills, and feed the imagination…


Rory’s Story Cubes 是一款適合與家人或朋友一起探索的遊戲。 反過來,每個玩家都成為說書人。

扔骰子,並使用骰子表面的九個符號創建一個以“很久以前…”開頭的故事。 那麼,就跟隨你的想像吧!



如果您缺乏想法,請想想您最喜歡的電影、書籍或電視節目。 你最喜歡的角色在另一個時間或地點會發生什麼事?

您可以自由地解釋這些符號。 它們對每個人來說可以代表不同的事物,而你的第一個想法通常是正確的。

如果您有不止一盒 Rory's Story Cubes,請將所有骰子混合在一起,為您的故事賦予新的維度!

如果你緊張,即管放心去建構吧。 沒有糟糕的解釋,也沒有糟糕的故事。 除了是一款遊戲之外,《Rory’s Story Cubes》也是一種體驗,是與您所愛的人分享的時刻!


與您的孩子一起玩 Rory's Story Cubes ,聆聽他們富有想像的故事,看著他們的眼睛閃閃發光。


Rory’s Story Cubes 是一款探索語言、培養專注力並激發想像的遊戲…

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