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Grampus Sandbag Pot 沙袋壺鈴

Grampus Sandbag Pot 沙袋壺鈴

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Grampus Sandbag Pot 沙袋壺鈴
Model no. H24217 Sandbag Pot-1KG 沙袋壺鈴-1KG
Model no. H49328 Sandbag Pot-2KG 沙袋壺鈴-2KG

特點: 力量訓練,訓練小朋友體能
材質: 複合面料, 沙子, 尼龍
13*10*15cm 重量:1kg
15*11*16cm 重量:2kg

Strength products can enhance children's physical fitness. Mechanical training in the same movement can exercise the strength of the wrists, biceps, triceps and upper limbs. It has beautiful appearance, fashionable style and is made of environmentally friendly materials, allowing children to gain upper limb strength. Explode, cultivate team spirit and improve concentration in the game.
Features: Strength training, training children’s physical fitness
Material: composite fabric, sand, nylon
13*10*15cm Weight: 1kg
15*11*16cm Weight: 2kg
*Color in random

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