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Sensory Play KinderTray 感官遊戲盤

Sensory Play KinderTray 感官遊戲盤

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Sensory Play KinderTray 感官遊戲盤

雜亂、創意和小世界設置的理想容器。 這款帶有可拆卸隔間和蓋子的感官遊戲盤旨在幫助您在家中創造感官遊戲體驗,並支持您的嬰兒、幼兒或幼兒的學習和發展。 再也不用嘗試拖著凝灰岩托盤在房子周圍走來走去或完全推遲混亂的玩耍了!

這款多功能遊戲托盤配有深托盤、淺托盤(兼作蓋子)和方便的可拆卸隔層,為您提供多種使用它進行活動和存放的方式。 適合濕地和乾地玩耍,甚至可以安全地食用 - 並且非常適合用作巨大的野餐托盤。

此外,它還易於清潔、移動和存放。 旨在確保您的感官設定安全,以便再次使用或充當您的遊戲片段和工藝資源的組織者。

KinderTray 也可堆疊。 這意味著您可以手邊有多個設備來進行各種活動。

無論您是感官遊戲新手還是經驗豐富的專業人士,KinderTray 都是打造趣味之家的完美工具。 使用 KinderTray 的方式是無窮無盡的!

- 深托盤
- 矽膠密封件的淺托盤/蓋子
- 6 個可拆卸的隔層,用於存放遊戲物品
- 內徑 39 厘米/15.5 英寸,包括邊緣 43 厘米/17 英寸,9 公分/3.5 吋高
- 優質白色食品級 ABS 塑料
- 兩個托盤上都有防滑矽膠腳
- 不包含的圖片內的玩具內容

The ideal container for messy, creative, and small world set-ups. This sensory play tray with removable compartments and lid was designed to help you create sensory play experiences at home and support the learning and development of your baby, toddler or young child. No more attempts at lugging a tuff tray around the house or putting off messy play altogether!

With a deep tray, shallow tray (that doubles as a lid) and handy removable compartments, this versatile play tray gives you multiple ways to use it for activities and storage. Suitable for wet and dry play, it’s even safe for edible play - and great as a giant picnic tray.

Plus, it’s easy to clean, easy to move about, and easy to store. Designed to keep your sensory set-ups safe to be used again or act as an organiser for your play bits and craft resources.

The KinderTray is stackable too. Meaning you can have several on hand for a variety of activities.

Whether you’re new to sensory play or a seasoned pro, the KinderTray is the perfect tool to create a playful home. The ways to use your KinderTray are endless!

-Deep tray
-Shallow tray/ lid with silicone seal
-6 removable compartments for play items
-39cm/15.5" internal diameter, 43cm/17" including rim, 9cm/3.5" tall
-Premium quality, white food-grade ABS plastic
-Non-slip silicone feet on both trays
-Contents not included

KinderTray Building Block Mat 積木遊戲雙面軟墊

使用這些精美的雙面積木墊擴展孩子的拼搭樂趣。 適合與流行的模組化構建塊一起使用。 非常適合創建小世界設置並保證珍貴構建的安全,以便它們可以返回。 一側可用於幼兒積木,另一面可用於更複雜的建造。

這些積木墊由柔性矽膠製成,具有額外的優點,可以捲起以便於存放。 請注意,墊子在送達時是卷狀的,需要將其反面平放以使其平整。 放置在 KinderTray 底座或重物下 24 小時。


-適合 KinderTray 的底座或蓋子
-優質、100% 食品級、不含 BPA/PVC/鄰苯二甲酸鹽的矽膠
- 不包含的圖片內的玩具內容

Extend your child’s construction fun with these brilliant double-sided building block mats. Suitable for use with popular modular building blocks. Ideal for creating small world set-ups and keeping precious builds safe so they can be returned to. One side can be used for toddler bricks, the other for more intricate builds.

Made from flexible silicone, these building block mats have the added benefit that they can be rolled up for easy storage. Please note, the mat will arrive rolled and will need to be left to flatten by laying on the reverse side. Place under the KinderTray base or a heavy object for 24 hours.

These mats provide an exciting way to bring one of your child’s favourite toys into their sensory and creative play set-ups without making a mess.

-Double-sided silicone building block mat
-Made to fit in the base or lid of the KinderTray
-38.5cm diameter
-Premium quality, 100% food-grade, BPA/PVC/Phthalate free silicone
-Baby & toddler safe should they try to chew them
-Dishwasher safe
-Food safe
-Suitable for 6+ months
-Contents not included

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