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STEM Box Junior Mirror Studio 鏡子實驗工作室

STEM Box Junior Mirror Studio 鏡子實驗工作室

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Spielwelle Spiegel-Atelier - Model: 7337 STEM Box Junior Mirror Studio 鏡子實驗工作室



  • 即使在學齡前,孩子也能獲得空間思維和三維感知的重要經驗
  • 解釋反射和對稱現象
  • 包括轉盤,用於在小組中互相展示並獲得最佳觀看角度
  • 帶鏡面活動板和浮動遊戲材料的鏡房
  • 鏡面隧道,無盡的倒影
  • 自由設計畫板,繪製自己的裝飾品和圖案
  • 使用磁鐵可以輕鬆創建 60° 和 90° 的鏡面角度
  • 適合學習分享活動

Mirror Studio -Experimenting with reflection and symmetry
With Spiegel-Atelier, children are playfully introduced to experimenting with reflection and symmetry. They easily perform simple experiments, make a guess, and describe what they expect. Children learn to closely observe the mirror phenomena and share their observations with other children; because perception is subjective. Then the understanding of this arises as if by itself and the amazement is included!

What makes Spiegel-Atelier so special?

  • Even at preschool age, children gain important experience in spatial thinking and three-dimensional perception
  • explains the phenomena of reflection and symmetry
  • Includes turntable for presenting to each other in the group and for optimal viewing angles
  • Mirror room with mirrored floor and floating play material
  • Mirror tunnel with endless reflection
  • Drawing board for free design to paint with your own ornaments and patterns
  • The mirror angles 60° and 90° are easily created using magnets
  • suitable for your learning workshop

Modelr: 7337
for 1-4 children
Age: from 3 years

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