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Spielwelle Shape UFO spatial perception Game 空間感訓練遊戲

Spielwelle Shape UFO spatial perception Game 空間感訓練遊戲

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 Spielwelle Shape UFO spatial perception Game 空間感訓練遊戲

Model: 7313 | Ages: 3+


  • 可互換的遊戲板,具有不同難度等級的插件元素
  • 許多遊戲變化:垂直、水平、肉搏戰、盲目...
  • 借助磁鐵,可以輕鬆操作遊戲板
  • 非常適合理解三維形狀和圖形
  • 促進空間思維、定向和視覺空間智能,為日常任務做好準備

The educational game for spatial perception- edueduThe basic principle of the game is to know the shape of the game board and classify the objects correctly so that they can pass through the game board.

Fantastico is a learning and playing tool to achieve the learning goal of “fast feedback”. Children will find it engaging because they can immediately know whether they have completed the task correctly in the game. At the same time, their concentration and attention will also develop.

  • Interchangeable game boards with plug-in elements of different levels of difficulty
  • many game variations: vertical, horizontal, hand to hand, blind...
  • Easy handling of the game boards thanks to magnets
  • perfect for understanding three-dimensional shapes and figures
  • promotes spatial thinking, orientation and visual-spatial intelligence in preparation
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