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Spielwelle STEM Junior Driling Machine 幼兒科探鑽孔機 ( Niels. Die Bohrmaschine )

Spielwelle STEM Junior Driling Machine 幼兒科探鑽孔機 ( Niels. Die Bohrmaschine )

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 Spielwelle STEAM Driling Machine 幼兒科探鑽孔機 ( Niels. Die Bohrmaschine )  Ages 3+

許多孩子對手工勞動感興趣,但他們仍然缺乏使用充電式螺絲起子或手電筒的協調性。 從現在起這都不是問題了! 因為 幼兒科探鑽孔機 讓孩子們能夠像專業人士一樣鑽木頭。 幼兒科探鑽孔機 是一款獨特的鑽頭,結合了鑽床的精確度和手鑽的安全性。 它的驅動無需電力,僅靠雙手的力量:一隻手轉動曲柄,另一隻手向下推動槓桿。 這讓孩子們感受到必要的力量並提高他們的手工技能。 工件牢固地夾緊在鑽台上,可實現精確、直線鑽孔,而不會出現打滑的風險。 鑽孔時不再有挫折感 - 現在是享受木工樂趣的時候了!

  • 不含電機的手搖鑽
  • 前面有手搖曲柄和減速箱
  • 長槓桿,方便調整鑽孔力
  • 設有用於盲孔的整合深度限位器
  • 適用於多種工件:條狀、球狀、小板狀、圓木片、棒狀、塊狀
  • 用於夾緊工件的靈活、可拆卸的夾頭
  • 用於標準鑽頭的無鍵卡盤(無需夾緊工具)
  • 機器中存放有四個隨附的鑽頭。
  • 使用夾具將機器固定在工作台上
  • 將木材、塑膠、紙板、軟木等多種材料進行鑽孔
  • 亞克力板後面的可見齒輪有助於技術理解

貨號: 7373

A must-have in any children's woodworking workshop.
Many children are interested DIY activity, but they still lack the coordination to use a screwdriver or a hand drill. That's not a problem from now on! Because Junior Driling Machine enables children to drill wood like a professional. Junior Driling Machine is a unique drill that combines the precision of a drill press with the safety of a hand drill. It is driven without electricity using only the power of the hands: one hand turns the crank, the other pushes the lever down. This gives children a feeling for the necessary strength and promotes their manual skills. The workpiece is securely clamped on the drilling table, which enables precise, straight drilling without the risk of slipping. No more frustration when drilling - it's time for wood crafting fun!

What makes Junior Driling Machine so special?

  • hand-operated drill without electric motor
  • with hand crank at the front and reduced gearbox
  • long lever for easy dosage of drilling force
  • Integrated depth stop for blind holes
  • for many workpieces: strips, balls, small plates, round pieces of wood, rods, blocks
  • flexible, removable collets for clamping workpieces
  • Keyless chuck (no clamping tool required) for standard drills
  • Four included drill bits are stored in the machine.
  • The machine is fixed to the table using clamps
  • drilling of numerous materials such as wood, plastic, cardboard, cork
  • Visible gear behind acrylic pane for technical understanding

Model: 7373
Age: from 3 years


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