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Spielwelle STEM Box Akustiko Musicial Experiment Set 聲樂實驗盒

Spielwelle STEM Box Akustiko Musicial Experiment Set 聲樂實驗盒

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Spielwelle STEM Box Akustiko Musicial Experiment Set  聲樂實驗盒

Model: 7335 | Ages 3+


配件:長音管×1(120mm);中音管×1(100mm);短音管×1(90mm);鐘鈴×1(Φ38×50×70mm);小鈸×1(60×60cmm);鼓×1(95×95mm);音樂盒滾筒×1(Φ70×150mm);音樂盒底座×1(215×175×85mm);紅色音樂盒插頭×24(19×Φ60mm);灰色音樂盒插頭×2(19×Φ60mm);風管支架×1(30×30×110mm);空氣軟管×3(350mm);含接頭空氣軟管×1(350mm);音律棒×4(60mm×3; 140mm×1);手動鼓風器×3(Φ53×110mm);手動鼓風器支架×3(40×100×60mm);單弦琴×1(65×500×50mm)

Akustiko is an experimental game from our learning workshop. Our real instruments offer children an introduction to the creation and handling of sounds, melodies and rhythms. The box contains 16 interesting games and experiments for producing sound using percussion, membrane and string instruments. The children can also use a pencil roller to program a mechanical musical instrument, reproduce music or even compose themselves.

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