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Stacking Chair Trolley 堆疊椅手推車

Stacking Chair Trolley 堆疊椅手推車

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Stacking Chair Trolley 堆疊椅手推車

是一個非常實用的設備,使運輸堆疊椅更加容易。在酒店業和學校中越來越受歡迎,因為它的設計旨在減少受傷事件。 Stacking Chair Trolley適用於大多數款式和設計的堆疊椅,可以輕鬆一次移動5或10把椅子。它有助於快速且安全地移動堆疊的會議或餐廳椅子。外觀為經過粉末噴涂的黑色,帶有堅固輪子的焊接框架。


  • 輕鬆提升和移動堆疊的椅子!
  • 輪胎類型:橡膠
  • 承重能力:10把椅子
  • 表面處理:粉末噴涂 - 黑色
  • 負載能力:70公斤
  • 整體尺寸(長x寬x深):1220x600x900毫米

Stacking Chair Trolley is a highly practical device which makes it easier to use when transporting stacked chairs.

Stacking Chair Trolley is becoming increasingly popular in the hospitality industry and schools as it is designed to reduce the incident of injury.

Stacking Chair Trolley fits most styles and designs of stacking chairs and can move 5 or 10 chairs at once with ease. It helps move stacked conference or restaurant chairs quickly and safely. The finish is a powder coated black with a welded frame made with heavy duty wheels.

  • Lifts and moves stacks of chairs with ease!
  • Tyre Type: Rubber
  • Capacity: 10 Chairs
  • Finish: Powder coated - Black
  • Load Capacity: 70kg 
  • Overall Size (LxWxD): 1220x600x900mm 


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