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STEM BOX Junior Magnetic Experiment Lab 幼兒磁力實驗箱

STEM BOX Junior Magnetic Experiment Lab 幼兒磁力實驗箱

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Spielwelle Magnetrix  Model: 7336 -STEM BOX Junior Magnetic Experiment Lab 幼兒磁力實驗箱
為什麼螺絲會黏在螺絲起子的尖端? 為什麼這張紙條可以黏在冰箱門上? 幼兒磁力實驗箱 為這些問題提供了答案,並以有趣的方式為孩子們提供了許多關於磁力的有用體驗。 磁鐵為何如此迷人? 帶有磁鐵的物體無需直接接觸即可相互吸引或排斥; 我們不知道這種近乎神奇的現象與一般事物有何不同!


貨號: 7336
適合 1-4 名兒童
Explore fascinating magnetic effects
Why do screws stick to the tip of a screwdriver? Why is the note sticking to the refrigerator door? Magnetrix provides answers to these questions and gives children a lot of useful experiences with magnetic forces in a playful way. Why are magnets so fascinating? Objects with magnets can attract or repel each other without direct contact; We don't know this almost magical phenomenon from ordinary things!

What makes Magnetrix so special?
provides important experiences about magnetism and its invisible force fields
makes the effect of magnetic forces visible
has a highly stimulating character for children
particularly suitable for preschool children
No risk of injury due to magnets firmly connected to wooden parts
Organizing the storage using a tray prevents the experimental parts from accidentally sticking together
ideal for the learning workshop
Item number: 7336
for 1-4 children
Age: from 4 years
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