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Masterkidz STEM Wall - Kinetic Ball TraX STEM 活動牆自建滑球系統

Masterkidz STEM Wall - Kinetic Ball TraX STEM 活動牆自建滑球系統

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Masterkidz STEM Wall - Kinetic Ball TraX STEM 活動牆自建滑球系統

獨特的 Masterkidz Ball TraX 活動牆自建滑球系統 為孩子們建造球道提供了無限的可能性。 各種形狀的軌道透過螺栓固定在與 STEM WALL 連接的支架上,為套裝中的彩色球帶來有趣的旅程。 路徑可以是波浪形、直線、彎曲、下降或拐角,並且它們定位的順序和順序每次都會是新的。 孩子們將能夠調整和修改他們的設置,以增加坡度,使球從斜坡上呼嘯而下,或減少坡度,使球減慢爬行速度。 所創建的動手操作、動作豐富的系統將受益於球沿著軌道傾瀉而下時發出的叮噹聲和咔嗒聲所發出的美妙聲音。

較大的套裝(ME15136 有 209 個組件,ME15143 有 440 個組件)還包括一些很棒的動作塊,具有多米諾骨牌效應、掉落、平衡秤、決策觸發器、風車和樓梯。 使用這些,可以使單一滾動的球翻轉、旋轉、引發骨牌或讓其他球移動,從而導致比賽到底。

Kinetic Ball TraX 系統可以在所有 Masterkidz STEM 活動牆上,  STEM 活動桌子或地板上玩耍。 孩子們可以在 STEM 牆上搭建球軌道,延伸至桌子或地板。

*** 與 Masterkidz 大顆粒底板 相容

The unique Masterkidz Ball TraX system provides endless possibilities for children to build ball runs. Variously shaped tracks are fixed to brackets connected to the STEM WALL using screw in bolts to make an interesting journey for the coloured balls that accompany the set. Paths can be squiggly, straight, curved, drops or corners and the sequence and order they are positioned in will be new every time. Children will be able to adjust and modify their setup to increase the gradient to make the balls whizz down the slope or decrease it to slow the balls to a crawl. The hands-on, action packed systems created will benefit from the wonderful sounds made by the clunk and clatter of the balls as they cascade down the tracks.

The larger sets (ME15136 with 209, and ME15143 with 440 components) also include some terrific action blocks with domino effects, drops, balance scales, decision flip-flops, windmills, and staircases. Using these, a single rolling ball can be made to flip, spin, set off dominoes or set other balls in motion leading to a race to the bottom.

The Kinetic Ball TraX system can be played with on all Masterkidz STEM Walls and on a table or floor using the STEM Building Brick Baseplate. Children can build ball tracks on the STEM Wall extending to a table or the floor.

63 Piece Set in translucent colours. Ages 3yrs+

*Lifestyle images show a selection of TraX from all sets.

*Compatible with STEM WALL Building Brick Baseplate

Note: See listing underneath individual sets for the exact make up of component pieces.

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