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Grampus Baby Gym Dino Set 寶寶體能組

Grampus Baby Gym Dino Set 寶寶體能組

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 TH-S-P-G-0101 - T-Rex Climbing Wall 暴龍攀岩牆


TH-S-P-G-0102 Stegosaurus Climber 劍龍攀山軟體


TH-S-P-B-0103 - Triceratops Swinging Bridge 三角龍搖擺橋


TH-S-P-P-0104 - Brontosaurus Slide 雷龍滑梯

Size: 236*188*90cm

Age 適合年齡:1+ 歲以上

1. 提供幼兒攀爬、鑽爬的功能。
2. 有趣簡明的恐龍造型,吸引孩子接觸,並營造豐富的想像情境。
3. 透過攀爬練孩子手足部的肌肉發展。

4. 增加身體的柔軟度與協調感。


材質: 耐燃合成PU和高密度泡棉 (有安全測試証書)

  1. The climbing equipment provides functionality for toddlers to climb and crawl.
  2. The equipment features an interesting and simple dinosaur design, which attracts children to engage and stimulates their imagination.
  3. Through climbing, children's muscles in their hands and feet are developed.
  4. It helps increase body flexibility and coordination.

Engaging in fun climbing games can greatly enhance children's physical fitness, hand and grip strength, balance, height adaptation, focus, initiative, hand-eye coordination, and rhythm. It helps train children to overcome difficulties with courage and self-confidence. The interesting and simple dinosaur design attracts children to engage and stimulates their imagination. Through climbing, it develops the muscles in their hands and feet, improves body flexibility and coordination. Climbing up and down stairs and sliding enhances their proprioceptive abilities. The sensation of speed while sliding down a slide helps stimulate the vestibular system. Walking on a suspension bridge enhances vestibular stimulation and promotes bilateral body awareness.

The material used for the climbing equipment is flame-resistant synthetic PU and high-density foam. It has undergone safety testing and comes with a safety certification to ensure its safety standards.

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