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Tactile Straight Path Weplay踩踏平衡觸覺板-直線

Tactile Straight Path Weplay踩踏平衡觸覺板-直線

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Tactile Straight Path   Weplay踩踏平衡觸覺板-直線

  • 8片直線觸覺板,可組合成線條、口字型、ㄇ字型…等各種變化路徑。
  • 類似健康步道,板上有大小圓點及直線的觸感設計,提供較大強度的腳底神經刺激。
  • 底部卡榫設計,組裝容易,也能輕易變換遊戲路徑,增進遊戲樂趣。
  • 底部有止滑點,遊戲更安全,成人、孩子皆適用。
  • Tactile Straight Path can be easily arranged into different routes, which allows children to work on their balance at a safer height. The textured surface with protruding dots and lines stimulate tactile perception, the anti-slip dots on the bottom ensure the best safety.
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