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Tai-Chi Balance Board Weplay太極平衡板

Tai-Chi Balance Board Weplay太極平衡板

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Tai-Chi Balance Board  Weplay太極平衡板

  • 大太極平衡板適合雙人或單人使用,不同的圖形路徑趣味也不同。
  • 皆可變換2組不同軌道的套盤,增加挑戰性並促進動作靈活度和平衡感。
  • 套盤可單獨拿於手上運球,訓練手眼協調能力、專注力與手的穩定度。
  • 由簡而難的圖案設計,具備多重遊戲功能與樂趣。
  • 運用套盤與球的不同組合,創造多元玩法與挑戰。
  • 雙人協力的遊戲,增進互動學習機會。
  • Large Tai-Chi Balance board allows two players to stand on it at a time. Rolling the ball along the track helps to improve body balance and lower body muscles. The disks are interchangeable and can be played separately, without the base. This activity helps to enhance hand-eye coordination, so players experience variation in just one single set.
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