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Tai Chi Loop (Ball) Weplay太極球

Tai Chi Loop (Ball) Weplay太極球

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Tai Chi Loop (Ball)  Weplay太極球

  • 球中球的設計概念,球中軌道無限循環,球體外觀是透明材質。
  • 讓雙手握球運轉,控制球在軌道中持續滾動,練習眼球追視能力。
  • 運用雙手與身體的協調動作,像打太極一樣保持律動,穩定情緒。
  • 不分年齡,過程中提升專注力,活化肌肉與動作發展。
  • Tai Chi Loop (Ball) is inspired by the philosophy of Oriental Tai Chi, which explores physical potentials through the essences of harmony, symmetry, and circulation. When playing this product, we move our wrists, arms, and bodies rhythmically - just like doing Tai Chi exercise.
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