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Grampus Team Log 團隊原木

Grampus Team Log 團隊原木

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Grampus Team Log 團隊原木
Model no. H123-BL Team Log Blue 3KG 團隊原木藍色3公斤
Model no. H123-YE Team Log Yellow 4KG 團隊原木黃色4公斤
Model no. H123-RE Team Log Red 5KG 團隊原木紅色5公斤

特點: 力量訓練,可一人扛,二人抬,合作到達目的地
材質: 黃沙, EPE, PVC, 尼龍
規格: 42*20cm/ 52*20cm

The surface is made of load-bearing PVC fabric and multiple strong handles. The interior is filled with sand and wrapped with pearl cotton. It is then sewn with PU material. It is durable and strong, and there is no need to worry about wear or sand leakage. There are multiple handles on the log, making it easy for children to learn the basics of sandbag training and master correct form.
Features: Strength training, one person can carry it, two people can carry it, and they can reach the destination cooperatively
Material: yellow sand, EPE, PVC, nylon
Specifications: 42*20cm/ 52*20cm

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