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Grampus 3-in-1 Jump Box 三合一跳箱

Grampus 3-in-1 Jump Box 三合一跳箱

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Grampus 3-in-1 Jump Box 三合一跳箱


特點: 一個箱體3種高度,即可體能訓練還可進行團隊活動或作為感統教具
材質: PVC, EPE

1 jump box with 3 heights allows for a variety of training! Just flip the box over to adjust the height to suit a variety of activities and people! The numbers on the colorful panel allow children to instantly identify the height of the box and motivate them to jump to the next level! The upward arrow on the side indicates the height of the box jump. The high-density inner foam and strong outer skin make this jumping box durable enough to withstand daily use. At the same time, the material has a certain degree of softness to ensure that children's knees and calves are not injured when jumping. All three bottom edges are non-slip material for added stability and safety during jumps.

Features: One box has three heights, which can be used for physical training, team activities or as a sensory integration teaching aid.
Material: PVC, EPE

H31281 Small Size 小
規格: 30*40*50cm
重量: 5.2kg
Specifications: 30*40*50cm
Weight: 5.2kg

H31392 Big Size 大
規格: 40*50*60cm
重量: 11.4kg
Specifications: 40*50*60cm
Weight: 11.4kg

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