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Time to Care

Time to Care

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Time to Care
ISBN: 9781472978172 Publisher: Featherstone Author: Penny Tassoni Illustrator: Mel Four

Everyone needs a little help from time to time, so it's important that children learn how to care for others. This charming book demonstrates to children how they can show they care, such as by helping out at home and saying please and thank you. It explains that all living things need caring for, including plants and animals.

Through simple-to-read text and delightful full-colour illustrations, 
Time to Care explores situations when caring for others is really important, such as when another person is hurt or upset. Sometimes, caring for someone might just mean watching and listening. This book will help children develop empathy and recognise a whole range of emotions.

About this series:
From leading Early Years expert, Penny Tassoni, these picture books use simple words and colourful illustrations to help young children understand all-important everyday skills. From making friends and sharing, to eating and tidying up, it will help you explore positive behaviour with your child in a fun and friendly way.

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