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Adjustable Jump Test Trainer 可調高度 跳躍摸高測試儀

Adjustable Jump Test Trainer 可調高度 跳躍摸高測試儀

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Adjustable Jump Test Trainer 可調高度 跳躍摸高測試儀


Material: Metal + Plastic 金屬+塑膠

Size: 93*55*150-240cm

Introducing the High Jump Measurement Device! Simply have each student stand underneath and jump as high as they can, aiming to touch the highest card possible. This device measures their bouncing abilities, and by counting the number of cards touched, you can determine how high they jumped. Repeated jumping promotes healthy bone development in children. The telescopic steel frame is designed for vertical jumping and can be adjusted from 1.5 meters to 2.4 meters to accommodate users of different heights. The cards are color-coded into five colors, with each card representing 1cm (10cm per color), making it easy to identify and score. This allows for an easy measurement of each student's jumping height. When it's time to reset, simply use the reset rod to push the cards back in place. The eye-catching red soft padding is securely attached to a weighted triangular stand, serving as a reminder for children not to step on it and ensuring safety even in case of accidental stepping.

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