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UNO Flip Transformers Card Game 反轉UNO 變形金剛紙牌遊戲

UNO Flip Transformers Card Game 反轉UNO 變形金剛紙牌遊戲

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UNO Flip Transformers Card Game 反轉UNO 變形金剛紙牌遊戲

UNO Flip!™ 紙牌遊戲為包括《變形金剛》中的汽車人和霸天虎在內的經典遊戲增添了令人興奮的轉折! 打出一張翻轉牌,牌組就會從汽車人這邊翻轉到霸天虎這邊,這會帶來額外嚴厲的處罰。 使用擎天柱之力規則戰鬥消除卡牌,或使用威震天暴政規則戰鬥看看誰必須抽卡! 只有另一張翻轉卡才能改變一切。 是送給 7 歲及以上玩家(尤其是變形金剛粉絲)的絕佳禮物。 顏色和裝飾可能有所不同。

  • 經典的 UNO Flip™ 遊戲的圖形靈感來自變形金剛電影、電視節目和漫畫中的角色。
  • 擁有雙面牌組,其中有汽車人一方和霸天虎一方,霸天虎一方有更嚴厲的懲罰。
  • 擎天柱的特殊力量規則可以讓玩家擺脫手中的牌。
  • 威震天的特殊暴政規則將要求玩家將牌加到他們的手上!
  • 是送給 7 歲及以上 UNO® 和變形金剛粉絲的絕佳禮物。

UNO Flip!™ card game adds an exciting twist to the classic game that includes Autobots and Decepticons from Transformers! Play a Flip card and the deck FLIPS from the Autobots' side to the Decepticons' side, which has penalties that are extra tough. Battle to get rid of cards with the Might of Optimus Prime Rule OR fight to see who must draw cards with the Tyranny of Megatron Rule! Only another Flip card can change things back. Makes a great gift for players 7 years and older, especially Transformers fans. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • The classic UNO Flip™ game play features graphics inspired by characters from Transformers movies, TV shows and comics.
  • Features a two-sided deck with an Autobots side and a Decepticons side, and the Decepticons side has stiffer penalties.
  • The Special Might of Optimus Prime Rule lets players get rid of cards from their hands.
  • The Special Tyranny of Megatron Rule will have players adding cards to their hands!
  • Makes a great gift for UNO® and Transformers fans ages 7 years and older.

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