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Usborne Look Inside Science 科學 揭秘系列翻翻書

Usborne Look Inside Science 科學 揭秘系列翻翻書

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Usborne Look Inside Science Look Inside Science 科學 揭秘系列翻翻書

一本有趣且內容豐富的翻蓋書,向幼兒介紹科學的奇蹟。 從自然到力和人體的科學主題都通過彩色插圖、升起的襟翼、簡單的事實和有趣的在家嘗試的實驗生動地呈現出來。 充滿驚喜,讓好奇的人保持愉悅,包括翻蓋下的翻蓋、滑動標籤,甚至還有一本裝滿行星信息的迷你小冊子。 包括簡單的實踐實驗,讓孩子們自己嘗試。

A fun and informative flap book introducing young children to the wonders of science. Science topics from nature to forces and the human body are brought to life with colourful illustrations, flaps to lift, simple facts and fun experiments to try at home. Full of surprises to keep enquiring minds entertained, including flaps beneath flaps, sliding tabs and even a mini booklet crammed with information on the planets. 

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