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Usborne Look Inside the Jungle森林 揭秘系列翻翻書

Usborne Look Inside the Jungle森林 揭秘系列翻翻書

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Usborne Look Inside the Jungle Look Inside the Jungle 森林 揭秘系列翻翻書

在這本色彩繽紛的翻蓋式書中,孩子們可以探索世界的叢林,認識生活在那裡的植物、動物和昆蟲。 透過襟翼窺視亞馬遜河中的鬣蜥在曬太陽取暖,猩猩在婆羅洲的樹林中盪來蕩去,西非的森林水牛穿過河流,東南亞的果蝠在樹梢上掠過。 有 80 多個襟翼可以升起,這是對熱帶雨林和熱帶雨林野生動物的激動人心的介紹。

Children can explore the jungles of the world and meet the plants, animals and insects that live there in this colourful lift-the-flap book. Peep under the flaps to discover iguanas warming themselves in the sun in the Amazon, orangutans swinging through the trees in Borneo, forest buffaloes crossing a river in West Africa, and fruit bats flitting over the treetops in South East Asia. With over 80 flaps to lift, this is an exciting introduction to rainforests and rainforest wildlife.

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