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Usborne My First Keyboard Book 我的第一本鋼琴啟蒙發聲書

Usborne My First Keyboard Book 我的第一本鋼琴啟蒙發聲書

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Usborne My First Keyboard Book 我的第一本鋼琴啟蒙發聲書 My First Keyboard Book

一個堅固的鍵盤附在一本著名曲調的書上,帶有顏色編碼的音符,任何人都可以彈奏。 曲調包括 Twinkle、Twinkle、Frère Jacques、Ode to Joy 和 Row、Row、Row your Boat,還有製作簡單曲調的想法。 每個音符都用與鍵盤上相同顏色相對應的顏色表示,因此即使是很小的孩子也能辨別出曲調。 帶有令人愉悅的插圖,這是一份可以隨身攜帶的可愛禮物。

A sturdy keyboard attached to a book of well-known tunes, with colour-coded notes so that anyone can play them. Tunes include Twinkle, Twinkle, Frère Jacques, Ode to Joy and Row, Row, Row your Boat and there are ideas for making up simple tunes too. Each note is represented by a colour that corresponds to the same colour on the keyboard, so even very young children can pick out the tunes. With delightful illustrations, this is a lovely gift that can be taken anywhere.

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