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Usborne My First Maze Book 我的第一本迷宮遊戲書

Usborne My First Maze Book 我的第一本迷宮遊戲書

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Usborne My First Maze Book 我的第一本迷宮遊戲書

一系列有趣而簡單的迷宮,供幼兒解決,插圖色彩豐富,有很多東西可以發現、計數和討論。 幫助松鼠找到爬上樹的路,沿著樹枝到達堅果; 水母從一團海藻中掙脫出來; 火箭在銀河系中航行等等。 非常適合幫助孩子發展基本的邏輯、觀察和控筆技能。

頁數: 32頁
尺寸: 250 x 216mm
書號: 9781409581314

A collection of fun and simple mazes for young children to solve, colourfully illustrated and with lots of things to spot, count and talk about. Help the squirrel find his way up the tree, along the branches and up to the nuts; the jellyfish free herself from a tangle of seaweed; a rocket navigate a route through the galaxy, and much more. Perfect for helping children to develop essential logic, observation and pen control skills.

Extent:32 pages
Dimensions:250 x 216mm
Paperback ISBN:9781409581314

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