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Usborne Peep Inside Christmas 偷偷看聖誕節揭秘 幼兒小翻頁紙板書

Usborne Peep Inside Christmas 偷偷看聖誕節揭秘 幼兒小翻頁紙板書

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Usborne Peep Inside Christmas 偷偷看聖誕節揭秘 幼兒小翻頁紙板書

平安夜,小精靈們在聖誕老公公的工作室裡忙碌著。 掀開襟翼,從孔中窺視,探索這個神奇的冬季仙境。 遇見所有在雪橇上工作的馴鹿和聖誕夫人,看到聖誕老人在天空中飛翔,並在襪子裡裝滿禮物。 然後在聖誕節早上窺視聖誕老人的房子,看看他如何慶祝——在扶手椅上打盹,玩很多精靈遊戲。 這本互動小書是與小朋友一起享受聖誕節興奮的完美方式。

尺寸:205.7 x 167.5mm

The elves are busy in Santa's workshop on Christmas Eve. Lift flaps and peep through holes to explore this magical winter wonderland. Meet all the reindeer and Mrs. Christmas working on the sleigh, see Santa flying through the sky, and fill the stockings full of presents. Then peep into Santa's house on Christmas morning to see how he celebrates - with a snooze in his armchair and lots of elf games. This little interactive book is a perfect way to enjoy the excitement of Christmas with little children.

Extent:14 pages
Dimensions:205.7 x 167.5mm
Board ISBN:9781801310314

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