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Usborne Phonics Flashcards 英語拼音圖卡

Usborne Phonics Flashcards 英語拼音圖卡

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Usborne Phonics Flashcards 英語拼音圖卡

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每張卡片都展示了一個熟悉單詞的圖片、拼寫和其音素構成的分解,共有44張卡片對應英語中的基本音素。合成式拼音學習法是通過識別單字的個別音素,然後將它們融合在一起來讀出整個單詞的過程。這些卡片採用了備受喜愛的Stephen Cartwright的插圖風格。

Each card shows a picture of a familiar word, its alphabetical spelling and breakdown of its phonetic components, with one card for each of the 44 basic phonemes in English. Synthetic phonic learning is the process of reading by sounding the individual sounds of a word and then blending them together to read the word as a whole. Featuring the much-loved illustrations of Stephen Cartwright.

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