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Usborne Pop-Up Cinderella 灰姑娘3D立體紙板書

Usborne Pop-Up Cinderella 灰姑娘3D立體紙板書

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Usborne Pop-Up Cinderella 灰姑娘3D立體紙板書 Pop-Up Cinderella

灰姑娘的神奇故事在這本精美插圖的立體書中栩栩如生。 驚嘆於南瓜變成了神話般的金色馬車,看到灰姑娘的玻璃拖鞋在宮殿台階上閃閃發光,並享受她的破布變成閃閃發光的舞會禮服的那一刻。 很高興與小孩子分享,也是一份很棒的禮物。 使用免費在線音頻收聽故事。

The magical story of Cinderella comes to life in this beautifully illustrated pop-up book. Marvel as the pumpkin becomes a fabulous golden carriage, see Cinderella's glass slipper sparkling on the palace steps and enjoy the moment her rags transform into a glittering ballgown. A pleasure to share with little children, and a wonderful gift. With free online audio to listen to the story.

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