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Usborne Pop-Up Jungle 森林3D立體紙板書

Usborne Pop-Up Jungle 森林3D立體紙板書

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Usborne Pop-Up Jungle 森林3D立體紙板書 Pop-Up Jungle

翻開這本令人愉快的彈出式書籍的頁面,看看猴子擺動、蛇滑行、鸚鵡飛翔和老虎猛撲。 每一頁都有一個色彩繽紛的叢林場景,供小孩子們探索,並遇到不同的叢林動物。 很高興與小孩子分享,他們會喜歡翻頁時的驚喜,並在簡單的文字中發出動物的聲音。 提供免費在線音頻供您收聽。

Turn the pages of this delightful pop-up book to see Monkey swing, Snake slither, Parrot fly and Tiger pounce. Each page has a colourful jungle scene that pops up for little children to explore, and a different jungle animal to meet. A pleasure to share with little children who will love the surprises when they turn the pages, and making the animal noises in the simple text. With free online audio to listen to.

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