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Usborne Seashore Sound Book 海邊的聲音觸摸發聲書

Usborne Seashore Sound Book 海邊的聲音觸摸發聲書

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Usborne Seashore Sound Book 海邊的聲音觸摸發聲書 Seashore Sound Book

這本插圖精美的有聲書是小孩子探索海邊魔力的完美方式。 從海鷗的叫聲到海豚的叫聲,再到海浪的輕柔聲響,十種精心打造的聲音讓人聯想到海邊的樂趣和刺激。 插圖充滿了吸引人的細節,可以發現和談論,而頁面上的孔和指跡與聲音相結合,創造了令人愉悅的互動體驗。

This beautifully illustrated sound book is a perfect way for little children to discover the magic of the seaside. From seagulls calling to dolphins squeaking and the gentle noise of the waves, the ten carefully crafted sounds conjure up the fun and excitement of the seashore. The illustrations are full of attractive details to spot and talk about, while holes in the pages and fingertrails combine with the sounds to create a delightful interactive experience.

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