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Usborne See Inside Space 太空 深入認識百科翻翻書

Usborne See Inside Space 太空 深入認識百科翻翻書

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Usborne See Inside Space See Inside Space 太空 深入認識百科翻翻書

一本天文比例的翻頁書,包含有關恆星、行星和星系的事實和信息。 絕妙的折疊展示了我們的太陽系和宇宙,最後一頁還夾著一本開始地圖的小冊子。 探索科學家如何做出驚人的太空發現和最新的太空旅行技術。 包括指向具有最新空間信息、遊戲和照片的網站的互聯網鏈接。

A flap book of astronomical proportions, packed with facts and information about the stars, planets and galaxies. Fabulous fold-outs reveal our solar system, and the universe and there's a little book of start maps tucked in on the last page. Explore how scientists made their amazing space discoveries and the latest space travel technology. Includes internet links to websites with the latest space information, games and photos.

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