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Usborne See Inside Your Head 大腦 深入認識百科翻翻書

Usborne See Inside Your Head 大腦 深入認識百科翻翻書

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Usborne See Inside Your Head See Inside Your Head 大腦 深入認識百科翻翻書

一本關於大腦和感官如何工作的發人深省的翻頁書,以清晰、豐富多彩且最重要的是有趣的方式呈現。 從大腦如何學習做新事物(如打網球)到大腦出現問題時會發生什麼,這本書解釋了大腦在我們的每一個思想和行動中所扮演的重要角色。 這本書有超過 70 個要升起的襟翼,每個襟翼都隱藏著一個有趣的事實或有趣的視覺錯覺,很好地介紹了隱藏的心靈世界。

A thought-provoking flap book on how the brain and senses work presented in a clear, colourful, and above all fun way. From how the brain learns to do new things like playing to tennis to what happens when the brain goes wrong, this book explains the essential part the brain plays in our every thought and action. With over 70 flaps to lift, each hiding an interesting fact or fun visual illusions, this book provides a great introduction to the hidden world of the mind.

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