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Usborne Sleepytime Music Book 睡眠音樂觸摸書

Usborne Sleepytime Music Book 睡眠音樂觸摸書

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Usborne Sleepytime Music Book 睡眠音樂觸摸書 Sleepytime Music Book

在這本插圖精美的書中,有五首輕柔的古典曲調可以依偎在一起。 無論一天中的什麼時候,迷人的動物藝術品和寧靜的音樂都是讓孩子們進入寧靜睡眠的完美方式。 加入獾巴茲爾,他帶著他的鋼琴去很多不同的地方,並通過演奏神奇的音樂結交新朋友。

There are five gentle classical tunes to snuggle up with in this beautifully illustrated book. Whatever time of day it is, the enchanting animal artwork and tranquil music are a perfect way to lull little children into a peaceful sleep. Join Basil the Badger as he takes his piano to lots of different places, and makes new friends along the way by playing magical music.

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