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Usborne First Sticker Book Sports Day 運動會貼紙書

Usborne First Sticker Book Sports Day 運動會貼紙書

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Usborne Sports Day First Sticker Book 運動會貼紙書

在這本激動人心的書中,讓運動日栩栩如生。 主題包括雞蛋和勺子比賽、障礙賽、迷你田徑、跑步比賽、拔河和一天結束時的頒獎典禮。 孩子們會從生動的插圖中獲得樂趣,選擇貼紙的放置位置並選擇獲勝的團隊。

Bring sports day to life in this exciting book. Themes include an egg and spoon race, an obstacle course, mini athletics, running races, a tug-of-war, and an awards ceremony at the end of the day. Children will have fun poring over the lively illustrations, selecting where to put the stickers and choosing the winning teams.

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