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Color of Movement Set of 6個 運動指示牌 套裝

Color of Movement Set of 6個 運動指示牌 套裝

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Color of Movement Set of 6個 運動指示牌 套裝

一款多用的指示性教具 - 6塊立牌上印有不同的動作,小朋友們通過圖案進行相應的動作,有跨越、下蹲、跳圈、單腿跳、跑步等,可以在不同活動中當作指示牌使用,也可作為教具進行田徑運動道具。一套包含6種顏色,可以進行顏色分組遊戲。三角形設計即穩定又美觀,一體成型的設計保證了持久耐用性。

Material: Plastic

Size: 25.5*12*17cm

A set of 6 standing signs with different actions printed on them. Children can perform corresponding actions based on the graphics, such as leaping, squatting, hoop jumping, single-leg hopping, running, and more. These signs can be used as instructional aids in various activities and also as props for track and field exercises. The set includes 6 different colors, allowing for color grouping games. The triangular design ensures stability and aesthetics, while the one-piece molded construction guarantees durability.

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