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Wenno Wild Animals Set of 12 野生動物玩偶套裝 No.6302

Wenno Wild Animals Set of 12 野生動物玩偶套裝 No.6302

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Wenno Wild Animals Set of 12  野生動物玩偶套裝 No.6302

野生動物玩偶套裝包含 12 種不同的動物。

此系列產品環保,適合 3 歲及以上兒童。 這是一種採用無毒墨水製成的高品質產品。 它對孩子們來說是一個很棒的玩具,因為他們可以重新創造自己對那些歷史時期的想法。 它也是一件極好的收藏品,可以展示在架子或櫥櫃中。 將其添加到系列中的其他雕像中以獲得完整套裝。 手繪雕像提供精美的細節,給人真實的印象。

套裝包括 12 件裝在管中的野生動物雕像。 尺寸範圍為 5-7 公分。

Wild Animals Figure Play set contains 12 different animals.
Playset also comes packaged in a re-useable plastic storage bucket or paper box
Animal figures are perfect for school projects, dioramas and preschool play and professional sand tray therapy

The products in this range are environmentally friendly and suitable for ages 3 and above. This is a high-quality product that was made with non-toxic inks. It makes a fabulous toy for kids as they recreate their own ideas about those historic times. It also is a wonderful collector's item to be displayed on a shelf or in a cabinet. Add it to other figurines in the collection for a complete sets. The hand-painted figurines provides exquisite detailing for a realistic impression.

Figures range from 5-7cm in size.

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