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Weplay Apple Links Weplay串蘋果

Weplay Apple Links Weplay串蘋果

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Weplay Apple Links  Weplay串蘋果

  • 多角度的蘋果積木及大小蟲可進行堆疊遊戲,促進孩子手部操作穩定度及空間建構能力。
  • 蘋果積木與大小蟲的建構造型,加強孩子手指力氣及雙手靈活度,啟發孩子創意思考的能力。
  • 獨特的穿線小蟲,藉由穿針引線和打結的練習,增進手指精細動作的技巧。
  • 穿線蟲穿梭於蘋果建構造型間,增進孩子觀察力及空間概念。
  • 蘋果與葉子的搭配,以及蟲和葉子的搭配,讓孩子可以感受軟硬不同材質的觸覺差異。
  • Weplay Apple Links is a building block set that provides various levels of stacking activities. The Caterpillars can be used to link the Apples in complex structures, this activity enhances fine movement ability and develops hand-eye-brain integration. Children can thread the Apples and the Leaves by Needle Caterpillar, threading and tying with the Needle provides basic training for daily self-care abilities.
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