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Weplay Bean Pods Weplay豆荳夾

Weplay Bean Pods Weplay豆荳夾

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Weplay Bean Pods  Weplay豆荳夾

  • 三色大小豆表面圖案及軟硬度不同,抓握堆疊增進觸覺及手部靈巧度。
  • 豆莢取自大自然色彩,可剝開、卡合與換色,豐富視覺感受及提升孩子手指細部動作。
  • 豆莢可收納豆子外,雙手或單手運用豆莢進行夾豆或舀豆的活動,促進手部穩定度,培養生活自理能力。
  • 可進行色彩、大小及圖案分類遊戲,多元又有趣。
  • 豆莢與豆子可作為方位位置的記憶或變化遊戲,增進專注力。
  • Meet the Weplay Bean Pods! Each Pod is filled with three Beans. The Beans are in different colors, textures and resistances. These differences offer children various sorting, mixing and matching games. Pods can be used for storage when not in use, or act as a tool to hold, scoop up or pick up Beans, this will strengthen and develop stability in the hands and improve children’s self-care skills.
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