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Weplay Helix Balance Path Weplay螺旋沙丘

Weplay Helix Balance Path Weplay螺旋沙丘

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Weplay Helix Balance Path  Weplay螺旋沙丘

  • 創新扭轉設計,跨過中央扭結後,沙丘的傾斜方向會突然相反,提升幼兒的平衡控制及應變能力。
  • 沒有平坦處的流線型步道,孩子需一口氣攻頂或緩步向下,在運動中展現高度專注力及解決問題能力。
  • 專屬底座,簡單組裝就能創造出三種沙丘坡度變化。
  • 橫向圖紋提供腳底觸覺,並幫助加強行走時的抓地力。
  • 底座可直接收納在步道下方,不佔空間。
  • Inspired by the ripples in sand dunes, the streamlined Path simulates a light breeze over the sand. Helix Balance Path has a specially designed large degree of twist and tilt, alternating the position of the Base to create different heights for various challenges.
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