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Weplay Learning Cube Weplay多元創意盒

Weplay Learning Cube Weplay多元創意盒

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Weplay Learning Cube  Weplay多元創意盒

  • 六片特色底板可由平面到立體方塊,進行不同遊戲挑戰,是遊戲玩法變化最多的形狀積木桶。
  • 四種形狀積木,三種等比的高低,可練習堆疊、分類、高度比較等概念。
  • 形狀鏤空的底板和積木可進行配對組合遊戲,練習對應、投擲能力。
  • 三種不同樣式底板:鏡子–視覺感官、數字–練習筆順、點數–數量對應概念。
  • 形狀積木上皆有不同的觸覺圖案。
  • Weplay Learning Cube consists of six different panels and four shapes of colorful blocks. Designed with numbered, dotted and hollow basic shapes. The panels can be assembled into 2D or 3D models. Children learn the concepts of shape recognition, height and sequence with the blocks.
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