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Weplay Stepping Shape Weplay形色邏輯積木

Weplay Stepping Shape Weplay形色邏輯積木

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Weplay Stepping Shape  Weplay形色邏輯積木

  • 四種形狀、高度的變化,增進幼兒高低序列對比概念。
  • 四個等距(2 cm)的高度設計,建立幼兒分解合成的概念。
  • 形狀積木與觸感線條的設計,讓幼兒可以進行觸覺認知活動。
  • Weplay Stepping Shape consists of four colors of different shaped blocks. The blocks teach children basic concepts (like shapes and three-dimensional objects), as well as the mathematical ideas and geometry theories.
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