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Weplay Taxi Roller Weplay雙人平衡踩踏車

Weplay Taxi Roller Weplay雙人平衡踩踏車

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Weplay Taxi Roller  Weplay雙人平衡踩踏車

  • 藉由行進間重心高低的變化,讓車子可以前進或後退,增進身體平衡協調與動作控制能力。
  • 專為雙人共騎設計,培養互相協力與同儕互動關係。
  • 踩踏間動作姿勢轉換強化腿部肌力與肌耐力。
  • Children shift their body weight to control the pedals and move the Taxi Roller backwards or forwards. The Taxi Roller is designed for one or two children. It enhances muscle strength, coordination and movement control as well as cooperation and interaction with peers.
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