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Weplay Tricky Fish Weplay平衡魚

Weplay Tricky Fish Weplay平衡魚

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Weplay Tricky Fish (Green)  Weplay平衡魚

  • 每款皆有AB兩面球軌設計,深淺軌道挑戰不同,幼兒到銀髮族均適用。
  • 基礎款–綠色直線路徑增進手部控制力﹔進階款–藍色迷宮路徑增進手部靈活。
  • 魚的可愛造型,單手遊戲提升拿取物品時的手部穩定度。
  • 魚眼睛是B面路徑的球,方便收拾又美觀。
  • 雙色可選,兩色路徑不同。
  • Weplay Tricky Fish is a handheld coordination maze. Each side has a different level of skill. One side of the linear path is under the transparent cover, children need to keep the ball rolling along the track. The other side is a shallow track, which provides more challenges and helps develop hand control. The loose ball sits in the opening eye of the fish for easy storage.
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