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Weplay Twiggle Toss Weplay搖搖小樹苗

Weplay Twiggle Toss Weplay搖搖小樹苗

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Weplay Twiggle Toss  Weplay搖搖小樹苗

  • 集合了套圈圈與丟豆袋的玩法,提供豐富、新穎的遊戲樂趣,增進手腕靈活及手眼協調能力。
  • 弧形底座可搖擺,增加投擲挑戰,3個不同位置的孔洞設計讓Y形樹枝可正插或斜插,滿足拋擲圈環的多元玩法。
  • Y形樹枝有柱狀凸點,可懸掛圈環,樹枝上也有獨特的刻槽設計,可與圈環卡合,創造多角度的投擲遊戲。
  • 不分年齡皆適合的團體遊戲最佳器材。
  • Weplay Twiggle Toss combines ring toss and bean bag toss games. The cute Animal Rings can be attached to the Twig in different positions and the Twig can be held by the Rocking Base at different angles. The gameplay is enriched by the changeable targets. The base design makes Weplay Twiggle Toss rock back and forth which brings the challenge into a new level.
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