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Weplay Up On Top Weplay章魚帽

Weplay Up On Top Weplay章魚帽

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Weplay Up On Top  Weplay章魚帽

  • 把章魚帽放在頭頂,試著站立或走動時保持不掉落,練習身體姿勢的維持能力。
  • 章魚帽可相互堆疊,增加遊戲挑戰,從遊戲中覺察身體的重心及空間概念。
  • 頭頂物行走,能強化身體走動的平衡能力。
  • Weplay Up On Top is an adorable set of Octopi. Start with one and balance while walking. As the kids accomplish this skill add one or two more. The special soft and lightweight material makes the game safe and reduces noise while it falls. Each Up On Top has a different color and expression that makes them adorable and entertaining.
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