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Weplay We-Blocks Mini 巧思積木

Weplay We-Blocks Mini 巧思積木

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  • Weplay We-Blocks Mini   巧思積木
  • 實心木紋花色,非表面轉印,不會掉色。
  • 軟質積木適合幼齡孩子建構堆疊,加強手部肌肉的穩定度,提升手眼協調能力。
  • 多元幾何形狀積木,讓建構造型更豐富,還能練習形狀分解與組合。
  • 培養創意建構的能力,促進精細動作發展。
  • 學習同儕互動、合作的方式,培養挫折忍受力與建立學習成就感。
  • 質輕安全好收拾。

Product Feature
Weplay We-Blocks Mini comes with five different panels. Imagination’s engaged through building up 3D creations. Various textures on the panels provide unique tactile experiences. The set is stackable and easy to be stored.

  1. 5 different shapes of panels are designed for different construction options.
  2. Each set includes various structural frames such as windows and squares.
  3. Different textures on the panels provide tactile stimulation.
  4. The stackable panels are easy for storage.

 Play Value

  1. Playing Weplay We-Blocks Mini helps to develop visual and spatial concepts.
  2. Children can learn to convert the 2D blocks into 3D models.
  3. Fine motor skills are strengthened through playing.
  4. Children build their confidence through construction, imagination and creative display. They also show their talents and build teamwork spirit while playing.


  • Materials include: High-quality Plastic
  • Country of origin: Taiwan
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