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Weplay Whally Board Weplay搖滾威力

Weplay Whally Board Weplay搖滾威力

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Weplay Whally Board  Weplay搖滾威力

  • 以魚躍龍門為設計概念,符合人體工學的平衡板設計,適合幼兒或坐或站,進行平衡搖擺遊戲。
  • 平衡板底部波浪突起設計,讓幼兒在搖擺時,提供搖擺時的震動觸感,促進孩子觸覺感知的發展。
  • 可左右或前後的平衡搖擺給予幼兒前庭刺激,促進幼兒前庭平衡發展。
  • 平衡板可做為路徑踩踏,藉由路徑的變化,活化幼兒的調適保護反應。
  • 雙色可選,數量越多路徑變化越豐富。
  • Rock, Balance, Stretch, and Play - Have fun with Weplay Whally Board! Inspired by the shape of a jumping fish, the surface is textured with waves and bubbles that stimulate the feet and hands. This balance board is ergonomically designed for children to sit in or stand on for a fun rocking game. The grooved edge on the back is designed to prevent finger trapping issues.
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