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Wooden Sensory Liquid Motion Bubbler Blocks Set of 11 件套裝 視覺追蹤感官積木

Wooden Sensory Liquid Motion Bubbler Blocks Set of 11 件套裝 視覺追蹤感官積木

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Wooden Sensory Liquid Motion Bubbler Blocks Set of 11 件套裝視覺追蹤感官積木

SKU: ME31280 | Age 1+



  • 11塊樺木積木套裝,內含「活躍」的液體填充物
  • 翻轉它們,讓內部的水流動起來
  • 液體色彩豐富,從頂部流到底部或從底部升起
  • 不同色彩的液體相互交互作用,混合和分離
  • 其中有7塊大正方形積木和4塊小長方形積木,每個積木內部都有不同的變化
  • 非常適合在小世界遊戲場景中使用
  • 孩子們可以觀察液體在積木內部的流動,而不會弄濕!
  • 孩子們將對它們感到著迷並驚嘆不已,並希望向朋友描述正在發生的事情
  • 看過去,可以看到變色的世界,也可以用於燈板上使用的理想選擇

Wooden Sensory Liquid Motion Bubble Blocks (11 Pieces)

These ‘active’ sensory liquid motion bubble blocks will excite and amaze children of all ages and interests. When turned over, the liquids separate and begin to bubble either upwards, downwards or both at the same time creating amazing shapes and patterns. Globules of liquid appear to walk down staircases in lines and then collect into shimmering pools below. Visually stunning with brilliant colours and patterns emerging as they are moved. Children will see the principles of gravity, motion and colour mixing unfolding right before their eyes. Whether used as a backdrop within imaginative play, placed on top of a light panel, held to the eye, studied for their own features, or stacked and used in construction, they will provide endless fun and fascination.


     • 11 Piece set of beech blocks with ‘active’ liquid filled inserts

     • Rotate them over to set the water inside moving

     • Liquids are highly colourful separating and flowing from top to bottom or rising from the bottom to the top

     • Variously coloured liquids interact – mix and separate

     • There are 7 large squares blocks and 4 smaller rectangular shaped blocks – all of them have something different happening inside of them

     • Ideal for use in small world play scene setting children 

     • Children can observe the liquid as it flows inside the blocks and will not get wet!

     • Children will be fascinated and amazed by them and will want to describe what’s happening to their friends

     • Ideal for looking through to see a colour changed world or for use on a light panel

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