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Zoch - Schmatzspatz

Zoch - Schmatzspatz

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Zoch - Schmatzspatz

The mother bird is trying to get all her chicks fed. That's not easy at all. Because twelve bird chicks stretch their hungry beaks into the air. Four removable wooden birds line the round, rotating box game board. Equipped with a worm in their beak, these parent birds prepare to land in the nest of their offspring. However, whether they offer their worm to a chick that has had enough in the meantime depends on the players' powers of observation and luck. Two game variants promise varied feeding rounds. In the cooperative basic version, the children playing let the parent birds fly up with worms in their beaks. In another competitive game variant, the aim is to be the first to feed your own supply of worms. As with the cooperative variant, the aim here is to carefully follow the rotations of the game board in order to always hit the really hungry beaks. “Schmatzspatz” fulfills the child's basic need for nest warmth as well as the child's thirst for knowledge to understand the world in the natural environment.




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