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Sensory Discs Matching Game Set of 10 感官盤配對遊戲 10件裝

Sensory Discs Matching Game Set of 10 感官盤配對遊戲 10件裝

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Sensory Discs Matching Game Set of 10 感官盤配對遊戲 10件裝 


  • 蒙眼感官圈配對遊戲
  • 兒童互動觸覺遊戲
  • 高品質矽膠材料
  • 柔軟、靈活且不含 BPA
  • 透過有趣的遊戲刺激感官
  • 堅固、耐用且可以清洗
  • 5 個 小圓盤直徑:4” 
  • 5 張個 大圓盤直徑:10”
  • 包括收納袋

當您需要一種遊戲來挑戰特別學習需要的小朋友時,就需要找到讓他們保持興奮並自然增強他們的成長潛力的「工具」。 我們開發這些特殊用品感官圈是為了刺激他們的手、腳和皮膚,同時增強自信並支持識別和認知行為。 我們的紋理感覺盤具有成對的觸覺矽膠表面,因此孩子們可以在輕輕蒙住眼睛的情況下學習觸摸和識別不同的圓圈。


這些靈活的矽膠盤非常適合學習顏色、紋理和搭配的幼兒,尤其是患有感覺處理障礙或自閉症的孩子,讓學習變得更加有趣。 由於它們柔軟、靈活且超級耐用,孩子們可以用手或腳玩耍,同時在家中或教室保持冷靜和專注。

互動且平靜的感官遊戲 – 這些兒童感官玩具是讓孩子保持平靜、放鬆和專注的獨特方式,可用於刺激他們的手、腳、皮膚甚至心靈,同時創造多感官體驗。
觸覺匹配表面 – 這些感官圈配有匹配對,每個匹配對都具有凸起的紋理表面,使它們與附帶的超柔軟眼罩配對在一起既有趣又具有挑戰性。
物理和職業治療 - 特殊用品感官玩具是幫助孩子探索自然感官的好方法,包括觸摸反應、定向、身體協調,甚至一般平衡(使用腳時)。
柔軟、靈活、耐用的矽膠盤 – 我們使用高品質、防污矽膠,對皮膚柔軟且溫和。 它們也足夠堅固,可以在家裡或教室裡抓、拉、擠壓和踩,以實現持久耐用。

Give children a more engaging and interactive way to manage their sensory processing challenges with sensory matching circles

  • Sensory Circle Matching Game with Blindfold
  • Interactive Tactile Game for Kids
  • High-Quality Silicone Material
  • Soft, Flexible, and BPA-Free
  • Stimulates Senses with Active Play
  • Strong, Durable, and Dishwasher Safe
  • Small Disc Diameter: 4”
  • Large Disc Diameter: 10”
  • Set of 5 Large and 5 Small Discs
  • Includes Special Carry and Storage Gift Bag


When you need a way to challenge early learners with processing disorders or autism it’s about finding “tools” that keep them stimulated and enhance their growth potential naturally. We developed these Special Supplies Sensory Circles as a way to stimulate their hands, feet, and skin while promoting self-confidence and supporting recognition and cognitive behaviors. Our textured sensory discs feature tactile silicone surfaces that come in matching pairs, so kids can learn to touch and identify different circles while they’re gently blindfolded.

Help Strengthen Communication and Processing Skills

Ideal for young children learning about colors, textures, and matching, especially for those with sensory processing disorders or autism, these flexible silicone discs make learning even more fun. And because they’re soft, flexible, and super durable kids can play with their hands or feet while staying calm and focused at home or in the classroom.

  • Interactive and Calming Sensory Play – A unique way to keep kids calm, relaxed, and focused, these sensory toys for kids can be used for stimulating their hands, feet, skin, and even mind while creating a multi-sensory experience.
  • Tactile Matching Surfaces – These sensory circles come with matching pairs that each feature a raised, textured surface that makes pairing them together fun and challenging with the included ultra-soft blindfold.
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy – Special Supplies sensory toys are a great way to help children explore their natural senses including touch response, orientation, physical coordination, and even general balance (when using their feet).
  • Soft, Flexible, Durable Silicone Discs – We use a high-quality, stain-resistant silicone that’s soft and gentle on skin. They’re also strong enough for grabbing, pulling, squeezing, and stepping on for long-lasting durability at home or in the classroom.
  • Expanded Game Options – Beyond matching them with the blindfold on, teachers and parents can use these kid’s sensory toys to create good habits in the classroom, provide direction to early learners, and keep children more focused and on task.
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