Collection: Knob & Peg Puzzles 手抓拼圖

Peg Puzzles 小旋鈕手抓拼圖
釘式拼圖與旋鈕式拼圖非常相似,只是拼圖塊有一個較小的旋鈕(釘子)。 它們被認為是三者中最難的插圖拼圖。
Pegged puzzles are quite similar to knobbed puzzles except the pieces have a smaller knob (peg). They’re considered the most difficult inset puzzles out of the three.

Knob Puzzles 大旋鈕手抓拼圖

旋鈕拼圖無疑是兒童可以使用的最簡單的拼圖。 就像所有鑲嵌拼圖一樣,這些拼圖通常是不連接的,並且安裝在木板上。
Knobbed puzzles are hands down the simplest kind of puzzle available out there for children. Just like all inset puzzles, the pieces are typically non-connecting and fit on a board that’s made from wood.